Flashing LED Bumpy rings - Orange

This bright orange LED ring is a celabration for parties, special occasions, halloween festivities. As a bright jewelry or as a decoration accessory, these rings will appear to both adults and younger people.

Sold in packs of 24, these transparent rings made of silicone measure 1,5 inch of length and 1 inch of wide.

Thus not at all cumbersome transport themselves easily for your various night activities.

To activate the orange light for a duration of more than consecutive 24 hours, you press in the center of the ring and you have to make the operation again to deactivate it to protect the duration of luminosity.

This bright product is not recommended for children under 5 years old.

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Flashing LED Bumpy rings - Orange - Pack of 24

  • Product Code: Flashing LED Bumpy ring - Orange - Pack of 24
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